Duplicating unnecessary presets..

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Duplicating unnecessary presets..

Postby JULIAN8023 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:07 am

Hi there, love the app and would like to share my presets, which I am updating on a daily basis. The problem is, when I email them (and also received updated ones from the other musician I am working with) we both ending up with unwanted multi, multi duplication of presets, indicated by $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$... signs. Then the next step is to keep the ones we want and the whole process of deleting unwanted ones starts and goes forever. Is there any way you could created the option of emailing the single preset or multi presets (but by our choice, not the batch), but also create the same option but in reverse: delete the selected files all at once? Or another good option would be to "avoid the duplication". Your app has so much potentials, even pros musicians as ourselves, and we are really thrill with the prospect of implementing the percussion sounds into our show.

Another issue we are still battling is the synchronization with Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer. After your suggestion to avoid using the MIDI Bluetooth Wireless adapter and now with only Roland MIDI interface with lightning connector - so all connections are wired - we still have a "glut" od MIDI data getting stuck every now and then. resulting with the slower speed and even temporary distortions of the sound, until everything catches up itself somehow 3-4 bars later. Obviously it is not acceptable in live gig situation. The set up flow goes like: iPad Pro with DJ connected directly to the MIDI input of TR-8 and from the MIDI output, again connected directly to the 2nd iPadPro with DJ. MIDI out on TR-8 serves the MIDI Thru. So when we hit Play button on the master iPadPro, all three devices should work in sync, yet that's not what happens straight away, it might happen by the 2nd and 3rd attempt. And then works great, until it starts to stutter for a while and back again to full, perfect synchronized flow.

Can you help, please?


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