Live play with quantised beats ?

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Live play with quantised beats ?

Postby Renetik » Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:40 am

Hi I liked how pads are good for live playing as they are multilayered so I bought this app but did not find a way to use it with beatmaker 2... Basically I need to record what I play live in drumjam and either have beats somehow quantised live or I can record midi to beatmaker and there I can correct it , set correct quantisation and then render betas again by inter app audio. But midi did not work correctly with bm2 , even by midibridge there was lag when it somehow started working... I can do this with alchemy mobile nicely I create empty keyboard in bm2 set midi in to 1 midi out to 2 and I play by beatmaker keyboard to alchemy and render sound later to beatmekr back from midi, but what I wanted achive here is to use drumjam as midi source to bm2 and then play brakck corrected midi from drumjum to bm by interapp audio . So is this now possible ? Or is it possible to record what I play and correct notes and quantisation directly in drumjam and than play it some sequencer ? I dont see such possibility. Thank you.

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Re: Live play with quantised beats ?

Postby jesse » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:54 am

You can record the MIDI output from the DrumJam pads in Beatmaker 2 by doing the following steps:
- Add DrumJam as an inter app audio track in BM2
- In BM2's main MIDI setup, enable DrumJam on the Inputs (only for now), and enable the MIDI Out at the bottom
- Then in DrumJam, hit the record button in the IAA panel, play the pads, etc.... then finish record in IAA panel, stop, etc.
- Back in BM2, you should see both audio and MIDI regions recorded to the DJ track.
- In BM2's mainMIDI setup enable DrumJam on the Outputs as well now.
- You can remove the audio region, then edit the midi region as desired, playback will send the midi to drumjam and you'll hear it.
- Hit record in BM2 and the midi will be sent to DJ and the audio will be recorded on the track.

The only annoying thing is when you are initially playing DJ to record the midi events in BM2, you want to have MIDI out disabled to DrumJam in BM2, to avoid doubled notes. Then turn it on before you start doing the playback of the MIDI in BM2.

Also, in DrumJam using the drag auto-repeat technique, those auto-repeats are quantized by definition... I assume it is the finger hits that you want to quantize in BM2.

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