GM MIDI / which notes for DRUMKAT pads

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GM MIDI / which notes for DRUMKAT pads

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Hey, has anyone documentation about which midi notes are being received for all different pad sounds? (when "Use GM Drum Mapping" is turned on?)

The majority works fine with GM Midi standard but a few sets and especially the sound which aren't DRUMKITs are somehow hard to put into an order.

I use a DRUMKAT and want to have a 'tuning'/preset for it, which allows me to get as much as I can out of all different Kits/Sounds/Percussion DRUMJAM - as a DRUMKAT (without external triggers and pedals) is limited to 10 Pads (=10 Midi notes), it would be great to have a full overview to decide which notes/sounds re used less.

If I succeed I am happy to share! Might be able to find the time to do a tutorial about that as well. Get in contact if you are interested. Tobi

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