Clock sync with Loopy

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Clock sync with Loopy

Post by optimystery »

Hi, I'm sure I've had this working before but it's not working now and it's really confusing!

I've tried just about every combination of settings I can think of in Loopy and Drumjam and the tempos are not synced.
I am using Audiobus.
I would like to know what settings are needed for having Drumjam send clock to Loopy and also the other way around, for different scenarios.
I realise that connection is supposed to happen in one direction at a time (and have tried both)

So, in Loopy the options are:
Midi Sync: ON
Clock Source: Link active appears deselected
Clock Destinations:
Enable Network: ON
Virtual Midi: Deselected
DrumJam: Selected

In DrumJam
Midi Settings
Channels: Omni in, 1 out
Send clock even when stopped: ON
Input Connections: Loopy, Network Session clock inputs: both deselected
Output Connections: Loopy, Network Session clock outputs: both deselected
Send midi clock: ON
Allow Connections: ON

What settings would I need to start Loopy's transport at host tempo by pressing play in DrumJam?
What settings would I need to set Drumjam's tempo from Loopy's transport?

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Re: Clock sync with Loopy

Post by jesse »

There are almost too many ways to do it, and with the upcoming version of DrumJam with Link support there will be one more!

It is hard for me to explain working setups right now since I have the upcoming version in testing here. But, when Loopy and DrumJam are loaded at the same time using Audiobus, Loopy can become the IAA sync host (when it is in the output slot in AB), and you should turn off all midi based clocks in that case. It *should* sync best that way. You'll see it in Loopy's clock sync prefs as Inter-app Audio sync.

Anyway, ableton Link support will be another option coming in a week or so!

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