Audio problem With Audiobus 24bits 96khz Multitrack DAW

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Audio problem With Audiobus 24bits 96khz Multitrack DAW

Post by diodo »

Hi, first of all congratulations for this great app
I'm having some issues with drumjam, audiobus and Multitrack DAW, Im using the camera connection kit and my Komplete usb audio 6 interface, I want to record some tracks using 24bit 96khz but it seems that drumjam is not supporting this settings.
When I open for example Sunrizer everything sounds right but then I add drumjam to audiobus and I'm experimenting a lot of glitches and audio problems, I tried using 24bits and 44khz and its the same problem with the internal audio, So it could be also some problems with the latency?? I already tried to use several settings combinations but the only one that seems to work fine is 44khz 16bits with my Usb audio card and internal audio, So my question is if will you ever upgrade the audio engine, with the option to import 24bits audio files? thanks!

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Re: Audio problem With Audiobus 24bits 96khz Multitrack DAW

Post by jesse »

I haven't had access to any iPad compatible audio interfaces that support higher sample rates, so I can't be sure what is going on there. But I can hazard a guess that using 96kHz is putting about twice as much CPU load onto the audio apps running, with probably little to no gain in quality to make up for it. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a bunch of samplerate conversion going on behind the scenes with these apps and audiobus which further increases the load and quality degradation. The glitches and problems are almost assuredly CPU load issues. You didn't mention which generation of iPad you are using either, which is also a very important variable.

As for the 44.1kHz 24bit support, I'm surprised that isn't working, unless the other apps in question (or audiobus) are handling it strangely.

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