Shuffle, features and few bugs

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Shuffle, features and few bugs

Post by Namesys2 »

Jesse, thank you for this great app
Please fix:
Tempo slider too sensitive (iPhone) I need to dial decimal values eg 92.6 bpm how can I do it?
When you set the 2x slider to 100% the effect or the difference when you go back to 99% is way way too big fix the jump
This is very visible when I use tempo under 70 bpm

Features request:

1. Need shuffle function
2. Vol/pan control for pads; sometimes the snare or crash is too loud
3. Add Pitch control for play instruments
4. The Randomize parts function even with the lock engaged produce huge changes.. How about limiting the randomization to +/- 2-3 steps
5. Besides the rock and funk kick, snare and hi hat add more choices like styles and sounds (crash, cymbals, rolls)
If posible add more randomization, I usually put 2 kicks 2 snares and 2 hi hats to get more complex rhythms
I Put one snare loud and the other one low on volume to simulate ghost notes and complexity

I will gladly pay extra for these features and for extra kits or drummer styles
Take look at jamstix which is a plugin that can simulate many drummers and many kits. I've always dreamed about jamstix for iPad and your drumjam app is on very good path to provide very usefull drum track creation tool

Thumbjam and drumjam are one of the best apps ever!


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Re: Shuffle, features and few bugs

Post by jesse »

Regarding the tempo slider, you can directly specify any tempo via text entry, just double-tap the tempo button/slider! Kind of a hidden feature, sorry....

Agreed that there is a jump between fully 100% 2x (which just forces 32nds all the time), and anything lower. Will look into it.

Regarding feature requests:
1) do you mean a "swing %" control? For the loops this will be a bit tricky as they are all recorded audio, and timestretching the shuffle into them will be shaky at best. But for the solo instrument pad repeat function, yes that is a planned feature.

2) You want a mixer to customize the pads then... and I assume being able to create your own pad instruments from scratch would be useful too... when you get one, you'll get both.

3) Pitch control for loops, I assume? That will be feasible if the pitch applies to all playing loops, but doing it on a per-loop-instrument basis will be an issue with the current implementation.

4) Well, the issue here is that the numeric closeness in value of the variations does not guarantee similarity in pattern or complexity. Although there are some trends, the jumps between styles are not really characterized. Perhaps introducing a feature where only certain variations are allowed for a given loop instrument would help? Sort of a more detailed version of what you can do in the preferences to limit the instruments that can be randomly chosen.

5) Agreed that there could be more variations. A set of ride cymbal variations will probably be added soon, but crashes are problematic because you really only want them sometimes and at specific intervals related to your song. These should probably wait until a song sequencer is added (no doubt that would be a welcome feature to many!)

Cool idea to double up on the snares and kicks!

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Re: Shuffle, features and few bugs

Post by yowza »

A mixer for the pads would be great as well as the ability to move drum sounds to different pads which has been mentioned before.
One of my favorite uses of the pads is to set the rhythm to 16th notes and improvise with the pads and come up with some great funk grooves but I often wish I could set each pad to different rhythmic values say kick drum set to 8ths and hi hat to 16ths. It would be nice to have everything locked to the same overall beat but have individual pads able to lock into different subdivisions of this beat, I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for a great app!

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